Wednesday Greetings

Hello and welcome!  It’s Hump day! I have to admit, it has been an exciting week so far!  It’s official!  I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 🙂 graduate of IIN.  But my journey towards this prestigious honor began a long time ago (I just didn’t know it) when I was diagnosed as having T2 diabetes after applying for Life Insurance over 20 years ago.  Today, I am managing but I will always have T2 diabetes. I am off all medications except for kidney health.  Do I have struggles?? Of course!! I struggle every day BUT I am winning the battle!!  It’s little things, the little changes that I do that help.  To me, it’s all about one day/one step. I try to do something new and/or different every day!!  Try it…Smile more, laugh more, take a walk outside, try a new recipe.  With my experience and your willingness for a better, healthier life, we do wonders together…Send me an email ( and we will begin your journey together.